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Providing a Full-Range of Services: 
IRS Representation
IRS Audit
ACS Collection Case
IRS Revenue Officer Case
Current and Delinquent Tax Preparation (All Years)
Installment Agreement & IRS Offer-in-Compromise
Tax Management Services
Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales
Advisory Services
Estate and Trust Planning and Tax Preparation
Financial and Retirement Planning
Litigation Support and Forensic Write-Up
Entity Selection and Restructuring
Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis
Financial Projections and Forecasts
Business Valuation
Tax Preparation

JFS prepares every type of tax return, including these commen forms:
1. 1040EZ - Simple Tax Return for those with no deductions
2. 1040A - Tax Return often used by those with basic deductions
3. 1040 - The most common tax filing form for Home Owners, Sole Proprietors, Higher Income Levels, Sell of Home, Stocks/Bond Trades & Sales, Rental Properties and an array of other items and issues
4. 1120 - Corporate Return
5. 1120S - Subchapter S Corporate Return
6. 1065 - Partnership Return
Other Tax Filings
JFS handles specialty tax filing requirements and  prepares returns for all 50 States

Amended Tax Returns
JFS reviews the last 3 years tax returns at no charge, checking for deductions and errors that are in your favor. JFS completes amended returns so you can receive additional money from the government.

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Audit Representation
Have you received a notice of audit from the IRS?  Mr. Johnson will fight for you. We handle Office or Field Audits.

Tax Issue Resolution
Have you received a letter stating you have misreported your income or owe more money because of an error on your return? Michael Johnson and the JFS team will represent you before IRS Collections and help you meet their demanding financial information requirements. In most cases you will not have to meet with the IRS or talk to their agents upon hiring us and filling the proper documents. We will negotiate on your behalf.

Choice of Business Opportunity
JFS helps you choose the right business organization.
Is a corporation, partnership, or LLC right for you? We can explore your options and give you guidance. Planning is key in business organization. Make sure your "Ducks are in a row," by letting us help you with your business.